Adult Web Hosting Solutions

Video Slave Media offers adult web hosting for those webmasters that want peace of mind. Basically, if it's not illegal, you can host it with us. Is your provider about to shut you down because somebody was easily offended? Don't take a chance, contact us today and never worry again.

Video Slave Media

Host your adult website with Video Slave Media adult web hosting, and worry no more...

Web Hosting For Any Website

Don't allow your websites to be shut down for adult content, host you site with us today and never worry again.

99.9% SLA

We're dedicated to ensuring your site is never down. In this industry, sites going offline is completely unacceptable and we do our very best to ensure that never happens.

Reliable Enterprise Level Servers

Our adult web hosting network is cutting edge, we only run on the latest, most reliable enterprise level servers and our network backbone is rock solid.

Unmetered Media Bandwidth

Too good to be true? Nope! We do not monitor bandwidth on our media servers. This is where other companies stick you for overage fee's.

Webcam Services

We know streaming!
We offer multiple types of media servers to stream live video to your members. The largest money maker in the entertainment world are webcam sites. 

Why You Need Adult Web Hosting

With today's adult websites making so much money, you can't blame anybody for wanting in on it, the problem comes in when you host with a company who believe they are "holier than thou" and WILL allow their employee's to actually remove your account if they "personally" find it offensive. Don't let your business run on somebody's else's so called "morals", you could end up losing your files on top of the loss of your account. Our services are maintained and ran by our own personal staff who know better than to judge others material. A hosting company's job is to host your site, not judge the material on that site. Get set up with us today and worry no more about your site being terminated  because the company you're with would rather offer their opinion and terminate your account than offer great, cheap adult web hosting.

Why Adult Web Hosting is Better

In the adult entertainment industry the largest money makers we have seen are the live webcam sites, these sites get large amounts of traffic and they also require really solid servers and backbones in comparison to a website being used for basic sales, information, etc. One of the things we do is make sure we are offering adult website hosting that is much faster and considerably more secure than every day hosting you may find at a traditional company. With regular hosting you're still running a chance of having your account shut down for offensive content. Our web services are a win, win all the way around. Our 24/7 support technicians are always ready to help. Ensure you have adult web hosting to avoid having your website shut down, it's simply not worth taking the chance.

We also offer everything you would ever need right here to run your site on our services, Linux, Media, Video and RTC hosting, domain names and SSL certificates. This keeps you and your services all in one place. Don't hesitate to tell us your requirements for a custom quote.

Hosting and Security

Security is one of the most talked about topics when it comes to any website, but when we look into the money aspect of owning an adult site, especially an webcam site, we can easily see the need for the latest in security measures to ensure the bad guys stay out. Our network is running real-time software to ensure that nothing takes place without us knowing and stopping it immediately. Your web Hosting should never be taken lightly, our hosting is incredibly secure, and it's not going to get shut down due to so called "offensive" content. There are many reasons to get away from standard hosting and move to adult web hosting, when we ask our customers why they switched, the answer we hear the most is, "peace of mind".

Placing Customers First

At VSM we understand how important your business is to you, after all, it's what brings in the money and pays the bills. How many companies do you really think care about your personal situation? How many companies have employee's who are on call because your website matters ALL the time? You can find companies with great customer support just the same as we pride ourselves on great customer support, but that's just part of being a good host, you have to be in tune with the latest trends, updates and just about everything, the technology today is changing at a rate faster than we have ever seen before, with that in mind we are continuously working to make our services better each and every day. You you won't be disappointed with our services or our friendly staff.

Always Ahead of The Game

We work closely with our partners to ensure all of our services offered on our site are 100% up to date and secure. With Video Slave Media you will always be running on top notch, enterprise level servers. Old servers running old security just can't hold water in todays ever changing world, and with so much hacking going on you just can't take a chance of being on an old server running old security software if any at all. So we will always strive to meet or exceed your expectaions by always offering cutting edge technology. If you would like more information on our Services, contact us today.

Real-Time Security

All accounts are monitored in real-time to stop the bad guys before they can cause harm.

24/7 Sales & Support

Our extremely knowledgeable support staff are available day or night and happy to help.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Yes, it's true, we no longer monitor bandwidth. So say goodbye to overages forever.

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